As I round the corner toward 46 years of age, I've come to the realization that I'm too old, too unfunny and too intolerant of trolls, idiots and Kinja in general to be even a marginally useful member of the Deadspin commentariat. Accordingly, I'm checking out. Yes, I did this once before under a different nom de 'Spin, and - as is often the case in life - I should have stuck with my gut instinct.

So many of the regular commenters, and you know who you are, can maintain a much sharper edge at all times. I've had my moments in the sun, but God only knows I've had more than my fair share of duds and sub-duds. In other words, I can't keep up and am not even going to try anymore. I'm at a point in my life where I simply have to move on to other pursuits and walk away from things that just aren't working.

Also, I cannot stress enough how much this newest Kinja platform sucks.

Good luck to you all and please accept my kindest personal regards.